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David Murphy is a visual artist and designer living and working in Melbourne, Australia. The bulk of his work in the past 20 years has been in site specific public artworks, although he also creates ephemeral and performance based art works, theatre design, musical instruments, houses and bespoke timber riding sculptures.

The recurring themes in his artwork have been the interplay between mathematics and music, sacred geometry, science, as well as narrative and its connection to community.

In the last four years he has dedicated himself to perfecting the technique for creating fully functional bespoke riding sculptures built from sustainably grown Australian timber - plycyles. This has been inspired by an increasingly urgent need to make his work more relevant and meaningful to the challenges that climate change threatens to bring upon us all. David's plycycles prove that engineered timber is every bit as strong and reliable as steel or carbon fibre when used in the right way -  but much more beautiful and carbon negative. They are emblematic of how we need to change our attitudes towards transport, consumer goods and the natural world.

He has studied percussion in West Africa and worked as a professional musician. His fascination with sound and music has drawn him into incorporating cymatics in many of his visual works on a quest to make sound visible. This fascination with music and sound has also resulted in him making a series of experimental musical instruments over the past twenty years; many of which are still in professional service.

He is a founding member of Down Street Studios  with Cameron Robbins and Anderson Hunt, a public art partnership that creates and facilitates large scale site specific works across Australia.