The Circular Harp

2002 - Steel, piano wire, timber

The Circular Harp - Yarra Sculpture Space - 2001

The Circular Harp is an exploration into the junction of geometry and music. It has 12 tuning points, with a string from every point to every other point. That makes 66 strings that are arranged on six levels, with each level having its own distinct shape – a dodecagon (a twelve sided figure) at the top level, then two hexagons, 3 squares, 4 equilateral triangles, a single 12 pointed star and finally a twelve pointed asterisk.

It is tuned diatonically to 36 different notes; the bottom six strings (asterisk level) are six different notes, whilst the other 60 strings are doubled up, making 30 notes. Any parallel strings are either the same note, or octaves of each other.

At the REV Festival in Brisbane, 2002, "The Circular Harp and it's Resulting Images" was a series of performances by David Murphy, Graeme Leak and Greg Sheehen incorporating the Circular Harp with live projections of David’s “Images of Sound”. The live music was amplified, and used to excite bowls of water and a container of mercury - the beautiful and beguiling images that resulted being projected above the performance in real-time mixed with an overhead view of the harp and players.