Curlaphone    1990

Constructed with the help of a baritone horn and Melbourne jeweler Tony Mardling, the Curlaphone was a central instrument in the 1990's street band Buckley's 44. Its rectangular shaped horn gives it a distinctive reverb and timbre, and a jaunty centre of gravity.





Dobrolele     1999

This instrument was made as part of a theatre design for the show The Enormous Club by Born in a Taxi


Koralele        2002

Another version of the ukelele, this time with a goat skin front that acts in the way the front of a kora or banjo would



Squash Racquet Violin     2013

This violin was one of three commissioned by the Black Arm Band for their 2013 show Ngangwurra means Heart. Also using goat skin as the resonator, the plastic funnel acts as an amplifier, and part of a television aerial is the very functional bow


Bush Violin #3              2013

This is the third violin commissioned by the Black Arm Band for their 2013 show Ngangwurra Means Heart.

Materials - squash racquet, goat skin, bamboo, light fitting, wooden spoon, salad bowl, bolts and violin strings.







Shovel and Speaker Violin        2013

This violin was one of three commissioned by the Black Arm Band for their 2013 show Ngangwurra means Heart. Using an old broken shovel handle and assorted objects, the strings activate a mangled speaker cone to produce an authentic, violin like sound.


Buckley's Bass                  1990

This was the centre piece in the 1990's street band "Buckley's 44". Made from both found objects and highly specialised components, it includes a cow hide bass drum on the back end, and an internal  compartment to house an amplifier and batteries




Bush Drum Kit - Winton        2005

This drum kit was made as part of Winton's Musical Fence that Graeme Leak created. This photo shows the kit being set in concrete in readiness for being hit by the public for the next 10 years


Drum Kit        2014

This was a drum kit that was commissioned by Nigel Wright. It features goat skin heads and a tourniquet tuning system on the bass drum and toms. The snare is a fully floating goat head on top, and a regular plastic snare batter on the bottom and allows for either stick or hand playing.


Poly Snare        2014

This is the 4th snare drum in a series that have goat skin heads, rope and bolt tuning, Queensland hoop pine tuning rings, conventional plastic batters and custom made snare mechanisms. This one is made from a section of 14" high density polyethylene pipe, and allows for the drum to be played with either hands or sticks


Junk Drum Kit        2011

This junk drum kit was commissioned by the Black Arm Band for their show Dirtsong. As the show toured the world, they found they needed two bush/junk kits to allow for shipping times. the double high hat bike forks is a special feature of this instrument.


Bush Drum Kit        2011

This drum kit was commissioned for the 2011 Black Arm Band show Dirtsong and designed specifically for Bart Willoughby to play.