2015-  steel, plywood, polycarbonate -  4m x 4m x 4m


The CUBE is a demountable venue that was commissioned by Born In A Taxi for their new work For Heaven's Sake. The CUBE is essentially a fish tank for art and performance, and has been designed to accommodate not just For Heaven's Sake, but other theatre works, live music, video art and cinema. With the four walls able to be covered with white translucent blinds, The CUBE can become a cinema in the round; with one or more of the polycarbonate walls removed it becomes a music venue or rotunda.

The lighting is incorporated seemlessly into the structure so that by day it is virtually unnoticeable, but by night is beguiling, beautiful and very flexible in it's abilities. This stunning lighting design is by Bruce Ramus of Ramus Illumination .

Watch this space.

The CUBE - For Heaven's Sake          photo by Paul Dunn

The CUBE - For Heaven's Sake    photo by Paul Dunn