The Raphael Stone Circles

2005 – Granite, bronze, stainless steel, concrete, plantings and landscape works – 15m x 15m x 1.4m

This work is a series of three stone circles, with one being a celestial calendar that marks the sunrise and sunsets on the equinoxes, and the summer and winter solstices, as well as true north and south. The “sights” for all these events are small bronze sculptures that relate to those occasions and sit on larger marker stones. A central seat of stainless steel and poured earth forms the focus. The smallest circle rings a submerged tank that is surface fed from a nearby soak via installed drainage and holds wetland plantings with a series of water molecule sculptures on the six stones marking a large hexagon. The work was commissioned to address the need to formalize and positively influence a popular meeting place for the local high school students and youth. With Cameron Robbins, from Down Street Studios.